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The Obvious Faux Pas

While it may be no mystery that some of us hate our jobs (or just our bat-$#@%-crazy managers), it may not be so unclear as to why they hate US. Or maybe it is.

I was reminded of an incident that occurred some time back where an employee dug her own grave. While the feelings were completely understandable, her actions weren’t.

We all know how tricky email can be. Sometimes however, people let their emotions get ahead of them before they hit that send button. ALWAYS TAKE A MOMENT TO REVIEW YOUR MESSAGE AND KNOW WHO YOU’RE SENDING IT TO. I’ll bet it’s happened to every one of us that we’ve sent out an email or two to the wrong party.

Well, this one incident I’m referring to, precisely that happened. One bat-$#@%-crazy manager (and really, that’s putting it mildly), sent an email to their subordinates. One of them, I’ll call her Miss Treated, wrote a nasty reply and sent it to whom she thought were just the others in her group. What she failed to realize – until it was too late of course – was that she that she sent it BACK to the bat-$#@%-crazy manager as well as the others in the original email.

I don’t need to tell you the damage this caused her (but I will). Right away Miss Treated went into her manager’s office to apologize, and was reamed out for her actions – rightfully so. When she proceeded to tell everyone in the office what had happened, we all shook our heads and admitted that it wasn’t the smartest thing she could have done (sending the email as well as telling everyone about it).

She could have been fired for this, though she wasn’t. However, her career (and reputation) at the company never recovered. I’m just trying to emphasize how important it is to be smart about email. If you get caught doing something dumb like this, you deserve the consequences. Email is a tricky thing – and our emotions sometimes just crowd out the reason from our brains.

Another thing to remember is that company email is not your personal account! Whatever you send or receive can be viewed by others. Keep a Hotmail or Gmail account for personal stuff. Even still, if it's sent using company computers it may still be subject to another set of eyes.

Be smart about your email usage. Don’t let this happen to you.

Also, be careful with your mouth. I had a co-worker who was treated really badly by a particular manager but she made the mistake of telling the manager to f$#@ off! Unfortunately for her, that was a sacking offence and she was out the door.
Talking behind their backs is another one to be careful of. Not only is there a possibility of them overhearing, but the person you talk to may go back and tell your bat-$#@%-crazy manager to boot.

It really is unfortunate b/c these managers deserve it, but it's the embattled masses that lose out and get "ruined".

I can't even tell you how many times I wanted to say that to my managers!!!
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