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Benefits for Companies Fostering Friendly Environments?

You bet! You’re probably thinking that this is a no-brainer, but let me tell you that there are companies out there that specifically go out of their way to destroy the alliances that employees forge amongst themselves.

I once worked at a company that was so against people helping others that when some were overloaded with work, others had to “sneak” around in order to lend a hand. The work load was completely imbalanced, and management knew it. But if it wasn’t “your responsibility”, you weren’t permitted to so much as provide filing help to your colleagues if they were desperate for it.

Someone told me recently that they were called into the “big boss’” office and interrogated. The boss wanted to know who they were friends with and what the relationship was. As I listened to this the hairs on the back of my neck stood up… it was creepy.

"So what is the relationship between you and So-and-So?" the boss asked (and we’re talking specifically about women, no romantic involvements). Hey: how's about they sit next to each other and exchange pleasantries on a daily basis? Apparently that's too much of a "relationship" for the boss to handle.

While I know there are companies that promote friendly environments, I do know that companies such as the one I’m telling you about here are not that unusual.

Do you know why people leave their jobs? One of the biggest reasons that people quit and move on is because they don’t feel like there’s a sense of belonging; they don’t feel like there’s any “team” spirit. Why can’t you help the co-worker next to you with simple data entry if that’s what they need? This isn’t like taking over their responsibilities, but helping them manage theirs. Even if this nonsense isn’t happening to you, seeing evidence of it can be a big turn off.

Why would you want bright and talented employees to find jobs elsewhere when this can be so easily remedied? Besides, it’s a simple (and inexpensive) thing that can make your people happy.

Go on, give it a shot.

I thank my lucky stars for leaving that working environment. You would think that mrs kahuna at the office would see how unfriendly the evironment was after the dozens of employees that have left in the last 2-3 years. Mrs Kahuna has her puppets on the totem pole to do all the dirty work who create this unhealthy work environment you are talking about. People there is light at the end of the tunnel, and there are few good companies. A year after leaving that company. I am content now working for an ESOP and making a lil more than half of what i made in NY. This company goes "out of their way" to encourage interaction amongst their employees....even those at different levels. From corporate outings, to employee appreciation month...yes month not day or week but month. To holiday parties where you can bring a spouse/guest. We are Employee Owners at my new company and have only been employee owned for a little over a year. If I continued to work for mrs kahuna I think I could have gone insane, not because or her but mainly because of the way her puppets treated their employees. Now there is only one poor sole left and I hope this leaves before going insane.
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