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How It Used to Be

Many of you already know how bad my last job was. So... was it ever good?

The answer is Yes. For a long time I enjoyed my job. It was sometimes very busy in the beginning, but I put the time in and sometimes brought work home. It was all good because I got the job done and my managers liked the work.

I had it so good that I was able to stretch the rules a little bit.

I was a big Moby fan. BIG. Well, one summer he was on tour and playing spots around town, one of them was a free concert at Pier 59 (or one of those piers on the west side of Manhattan). Anyhow, the only way to get tickets was to go pick them up at the Virgin Megastore. As it turned out, they were only available from 3-4p one afternoon a few days before the show.

I had it so good that I asked my boss on that day if I could leave, go down to 14th Street, and get a pair of these tickets and then come back. Mind you, I had already taken my lunch hour for the day. But the answer I got was: Yes. How crazy is that? So there I went, to go get tickets for a Moby concert in the middle of the day.

Don’t get me wrong: I used to get in early and I certainly put in A LOT of overtime. But still, it’s kinda crazy, right? Especially when you consider how bad it had been for me the last couple of years that I was there.


The sad part of this story is that this should be the rule not the exception.
Well, I'm not so sure about that... I don't know that it's OK to let everyone out to do something of this nature. However... this of course should be the rule if there's a sick relative in the picture and an employee needs to take off at a moment's notice. It's sad, but I know in some cases it is frowned upon when an employee leaves in an emergency or is not allowed to leave.

If it's legitimate, ok... otherwise, these kinds of "errands" should be kept to a minimum.
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