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Escape from the Cubicle Farm: Things to Keep in Mind Before Quitting Your Job

As we say goodbye to 2006, I want to pass along some tips to keep in mind as you (attempt to) move forward in your careers. One of the reasons my blog attracts readers is (aside from keeping tabs on me) that people know and understand the stories I post. Everybody has bad days at the office. Some even have them running consecutively and can probably share some colorful tales. Many have done so here.

With a fresh start fast approaching, now is a great time to decide where you’re at. It’s also a good time to ask yourself some questions: Are you happy where you are? Do you have a gameplan as to what your next step would be if it’s a promotion or new job you’re angling for? Are you going to cut and run or patch things up? If you split, are you going into the same job elsewhere or starting over at square one?

#1: Are you going to stay the course or split? If there’s problems at your job relax: everyone has problems where they work. Of course, some are worse than others. Some can be fixed while others can’t. Take the time to evaluate where your workplace issues lay before making any rash decisions.

#2: If you’re gonna hit the road as soon as you can, remember to brush up on your networking skills. It’s always good to keep up on the contacts you have. Make some calls, send out some emails; be sure to remain on people’s radar. They can’t help you if they don’t know you’re there and need help.

#3: If you don’t want to go yet, do what you can to find out how to get your job – and career path – where you want it to be. Ask for feedback. Be honest about your achievements and ask your supervisor(s) to do the same. Throughout the year they should be providing you with the feedback necessary to keep you on track and moving forward. Discuss what’s going on and ask specifically what it is you need to do to get the recognition you deserve or the promotion you want.

#4: You’re desperate to go but you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up. Evaluate your skills. Write down the things you’re good at and enjoy doing. If that’s too much of a challenge, take a personality test. I happen to be a fan of the MAPP Test (Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential). You’ll like it too, it’s very thorough and some of the results may surprise you. Along with the results, it will provide several career choices based on your answers. It’s really very cool.

#5: Tired of dealing with the rat race? Yeah, I was too. Figure out a plan and go to work for yourself. Get your financial ducks in a row and research the business you want to start. This one may take some time however. If you can, get whatever certifications and accreditations while you are still employed full time. When you’re working for yourself, you’ll want to give your business as much time and energy as you can spare.

So that’s what I got right now. The new year is an exciting time; for most of us, there’s nothing but time ahead. Now’s the time to get your game face on and play life like you mean it.

Happy New Year.

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