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Work and Weddings

These are a few of my favorite things. If that’s not enough, just combine the two and double your pleasure. To top it all off, take those two and add recovery from a stomach virus. Now we’re talking. This was me this past weekend.

Someone I used to work with got married and so I joined my boyfriend (whom I had met incidentally while at my last job) and went. It was a beautiful ceremony; the bride was stunning, the groom ebullient; the food was truly delectable; the band versatile and a real crowd-pleaser. It sounds like a nice time out right?

It was, except that I had to face most of the folks I used to work with that I had no desire to see. These were all the people who sided with my former captors, I mean bosses. They mostly put on pleasant faces and faked it, as did I. I say mostly because not all of them came to say hello. If anything, they went out of their way to not say hello. Oh well, that certainly wasn’t my loss.

Again, to top it all off, I had these bozos to my back (because they were literally at the table behind me), I was recovering from a nasty stomach flu (at least I'd know which way to face if I felt the urge to purge), and then I had to sit face-to-face with a woman I fired a little over a year ago. Let me tell you, I disliked the people I used to work with so much that facing the person I fired was a welcome distraction. We even had some good conversation.

I know that inviting people from work to a wedding is a given for many people. It has *never* been for me, and now that I work alone I really don’t have to face this issue. Unless I’m friends with my boss or a co-worker or two, I really can’t imagine inviting people from the office. I mean, don’t we all have enough stress to deal with when it comes time for the company Christmas party? Why would anyone want to do this to themselves at any other time? Then again, if you have a large enough wedding, you can tuck them away in a corner and go your merry way; after all, if you’re the one getting married, you won’t be spending time with them, will you?

Mixing the office with my personal life in that way is not my idea of a party. I wouldn’t even tell them I was getting married. Let them guess – it’ll give them something to chew over at the water cooler.

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