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Iowa Woman Fired for Journal is Denied Unemployment

Three words for this woman: what an idiot. I was glad to hear that her unemployment benefits were denied. This is the reason why some bosses go overboard with the micromanagement. After an experience like this, who blames a manager for wanting to know what their staff is doing all the time?

Frankly, I’d like to know how Ms. Bauer was able to maintain her 300-page handwritten journal for so long without being caught. And after she was told to cease and desist on company time, how long did it take for someone to notice that she was typing everything up on the computer? I mean, didn’t anybody notice?

I just find it interesting since so many people kill themselves at work to get things done. Many times, these are the people that either never receive proper recognition from their boss or – even better - they only get a hard time from them. It’s people like Ms. Bauer that give the honest workers a bad name.

Believe me, I’ve experienced a range of bosses and office cultures. When things were at their worst it still never occurred to me to slack off just because I was stressed. I’m sympathetic to Ms. Bauer’s depression or stress or whatever it was that made her write the journal in the first place – but come on. Grow up, get a job you actually like and are willing to work at and take some Zoloft until you can actually get into a more suitable environment.

In one of the news articles I read, she even goes on to say how she can probably put her journal into a book and sell it. The sad thing is, she can probably do just that. And I’d buy a copy.

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