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Starbucks Loses the Trans Fat, but Corporate America Keeps the Losers

If Starbucks is capable of making such a big change to remove what’s bad for us, how come business can’t do the same?

Yahoo! posted an article the other day that suggests 40% of bosses don’t keep their word. Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me. Now at least I know there are others out there that see what I’ve been talking about. Does that make me feel better? Hardly. Now that we have the statistics we should do something about it.

Here’s the chance to let HR groups everywhere redeem themselves by actively supporting programs that keep an eye on managers. HR needs to do more than cover the company’s hide. Those responsibilities should fall under the heading of, “How we can get away with s*** and not get sued”. Human Resources should be about Humans. Yeah, let’s try that.

So let’s get back to the employees who work under bad bosses. The article goes on to say that, “Employees stuck in an abusive relationship experienced more exhaustion, job tension, nervousness, depressed moods and mistrust, the researchers found. They found that a good working environment is often more important than pay, and that it's no coincidence that poor morale leads to lower production.” Oh, really? You don’t say.

The article also points out that employees don’t leave their job or company… they leave their boss.

Changes are needed. Perhaps 2007 will be the year these changes are heralded.

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