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Top 10 Reasons Why I Like Working for Myself

1. My work speaks for itself. I was tired of my boss constantly looking over my shoulder and telling me I wasn't good enough. The feedback I get from my clients is truly attributable only to myself; no one can take that from me.

2. Office attire now consists of slippers, yoga pants and a hoodie. And yes, I start everyday with a shower.

3. No more “9 to 5”. If I want to work at 7am then take a yoga class at 11am, I can. Likewise if I choose to sleep in a little and work late. Plus, I love those afternoon siestas!

4. Plenty of opportunities to make WAY more money. I am no longer slave to the “you’re-not-worthy-of-your-full-bonus-even-though-there’s-no-reason-you-shouldn’t-have-it-other-than-I-don’t-like-you-and-I-want-a-new-in-ground-pool-installed.”

5. I create my own challenges and accept the projects I want – and at the rates I choose.

6. I am no longer “stuck” with a boss or colleagues; I get to choose who I want to work with.

7. More freedom to meet and network with people. If someone asks for a coffee meeting at 10:30 in the morning, I don’t have to tell the boss where I’m going or make excuses. I just go.

8. I get to spend more time with my cat.

9. Lunches don’t come in plastic containers; I make it all fresh.

10. No more office politics. I play by my own rules.

On the other hand, you don't have coworkers to learn from, either directly or simply by absorbing information from day-to-day interactions.
Odds are those who've left corporate life didn't have positive and educational coworkers to learn from. Such an environment may exist, but I've never encountered it despite wanting to. Perhaps pre-IPO Google?
I went freelance a few months ago and yep OMG I should have done it earlier.

But I must admit that I miss the social side of work -there are actually some companies that employ cool people ;)

As per training, I find it easier to learn in my own time so I'm a lot more active in web forums and attend professional meetups in town now and then to keep up with the current stuff -also a good way to network.
and what exactly do you do ? professional speaking ? No pun intended but your work-at-home style
does only apply to a very limited
number of jobs.
Anonymous #1, Without question there is a lot to be learned from coworkers and I've learned plenty from the many I've known over the last 12 years in business. In the end, the bad outweighed the good (and I'm not necessarily referring to the coworkers on the negative). This is also why I have an informal "board of directors" for my business: a core group of highly trusted individuals in business that I can bounce ideas off of and brainstorm with. I created "the board" before I left my last job.

Anonymous #3, I'm an author, freelance writer and professional speaker. I don't necessarily "work-at-home", I *work for myself*. There is a big difference. I'm actually out quite a bit meeting with clients and networking - my point is, it's all done on my terms. I can choose to turn work away - no one can tell me what I must or must-not do. So, my style actually resonates with many - albeit there are probably minor differences.
I'd love to quit my corporate job and work for myself, but how do I get started? How do I get gigs? I don't live in Silicon Valley - the tech industry here in RTP, NC just isn't the same.
я бы тебя трахнул
Ya tozhe!
Нубы с умакса :)
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