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Trouble Brewing at the Office?

There are usually signs pointing to trouble at the office before any big changes like termination come along. The general idea is to be tuned in to such changes so you’re not completely off guard.

As laid out in Firing Back: Power Strategies for Cutting the Best Deal When You’re about to Lose Your Job by Jodie-Beth Galos and Dr. Sandy McIntosh, these changes include:

· Changes in the behavior of your co-workers, subordinates, and boss (co-workers won’t want to catch the “bad luck” or “failure” disease and the boss who previously gave you leeway to get your job done now has you on a really short leash)

· Changes in job performance feedback (either you now receive none or your previously good reviews are now dismal… and you don’t know why)

· Changes in your assignments and responsibilities (you’re plucked from a high-visibility position [and it’s given to your subordinate!] and shoved into a darkened corner where it is expected you will be completely forgotten)

· Changes in your perks (they’ll be noticeable like you’ll take a huge hit in your bonus – or you won’t have one – and your prior freedom coming and going to the restroom now comes under ridiculously close scrutiny)

· Changes in company management (changes in management can sometimes mean change-ups in staff)

· Changes in the company’s financial position (whether it’s from merging or just the market’s gone bad or any number of other reasons – keep your eyes and ears open!)

You should beware: the first four of the “changes” listed could very well mean that management wants you out but has no backbone to fire you. It could. However, if you notice these things going on, be wary… and start giving serious consideration to finding a new job or implementing a gameplan for if the day comes when you are let go.

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