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Waking Up is Hard to Do

And it's particularly hard to do when you have no motivation to face your job. This is a sign that things might not be so great with work. You need to think about that. What's causing it?

I always used to wake up early on my own and had no problems hopping out of bed (and yes, I used to hop). Even on Mondays. Snooze was not a word in my vocabulary. But then things started changing for me at work and I ceased hopping out of bed. Then I *gasp* started hitting snooze. Then I snoozed so many times that I had to set the time 10 minutes fast and account for the amount of "snoozing" I'd do.

Then I moved my alarm clock to the other side of the room so it would force me out of bed. What happened? I either hit Snooze and jumped back into bed or I let the bad morning radio program I had it set to ramble on. Most morning radio programs are pretty annoying too.

For me, I knew I despised my job (which I used to love). There were things about it that were never going to change and I knew it. For a long time I hunted for a new job until the bright idea came to me that I could just work for myself. I'm now back to waking up with a spring in my step ( and I never let the radio alarm sound off for more than 3 seconds).

But if you have this kind of trouble getting out of bed, it can mean that you're dreading the day ahead of you. Is it your responsibilities that are dragging you down? Too much monotony? Maybe you can ask for a new project for a shift in responsibilites. If that fails, seek a transfer to a different department at your company.

If it's the boss that's creating the worries then make it a point to have a sit-down and see what happens. Don't gripe about how miserable you are; ask about new challenges you want to undertake. You will appear motivated for stepping up to the plate. If sit-downs fail, or if your boss is simply a jerk (or coworkers for that matter) then it might be time to move on.

Think about it.

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