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10 Signs That Indicate You've Gone Cubicle Crazy

Many companies have a containment policy about cubicle decoration. Of course some don't - and this is to give employees some sense of freedom to include at their desk some items and photos that help get them through the day. So in some office environments it's a way to keep morale up. Some people however, lose all control.

If you feel you are on the borderline, watch out; you could be spurring innocent bystanders to more cubicle madness.

The following are 10 signs that indicate your cubicle may be overly adorned:

1. Do you need trademark protection for pictures or images of your cube ?

2. Does the new employee tour feature people walking by your cubicle ?

3. Do film students approach you daily asking to use your cube as a set?

4. Is the net worth of the collectibles in your cube more than your rent?

5. Do the electrical gadgets and settings for your cube require a special permit from Maintenance?

6. Do friends and co-workers ask to borrow your cube or pretend it's theirs for visitors or dates?

7. Does your cubicle have its own website and Youtube.com video?

8. Do branch offices in other division campuses of your company have copycats of your cube and wannabe cubicles with different themes?

9. There is a petition circulating to get your cubicle in the Annual Report.

10. The competition has approached you on the sly with a job offer, as long as you bring the Cube Magic with you.

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