b Self-Helpless: True Tales of a Working Girl: Do Women Sabotage Themselves in the Workplace? (Part I)



Do Women Sabotage Themselves in the Workplace? (Part I)

I was talking to my friend Debra Burrell recently about how women sabotage themselves in the workplace. It is her belief that women do the damnest of things that put them at a great disadvantage. So as I present Debra’s points over the next few days I ask you to think about it and determine whether you’re guilty of doing the same:

Women seek input and are seen as indecisive and lacking in leadership qualities.

When a woman is faced with a problem, her tendency is to explore options out loud. She researches the situation by trying to figure out who may have faced something similar, determining what the history is within the organization, and getting opinions from respected peers. We discuss problematic situations we face with those who we want to keep “in the loop”. We do it as a sign of courtesy. Unfortunately, this tendency to discuss with others can make the woman who is seeking information, appear indecisive and uncertain. This is especially so in a male oriented environment where the general rule is not to present problems unless you have solutions.

Debra Burrell CSW, is a psychotherapist in private practice as well as the Regional Training Director of the Mars Venus Institute. She can be reached by calling 212-754-6232. You can also visit her website at www.debraburrell.com.

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