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After the Root Canal…

Rewind a few months to the day of my infamous crown-fitting at the dentist’s office (please read Once Upon a Root Canal ).

After I came back and was berated by the Idiot Boss for having a root canal that she knew of in advance, she told me to report immediately into a meeting with the Director of our accounts department.

The reason for the meeting was to settle a dispute over the name of an account. Due to variations on the name in our system, it was creating confusion in the back room on how to process reports related to it.

The decision to alter this information does not lie within my department… rather the Director’s department. With bureaucratic red tape what it is, it’s not a simple matter nor is it one that anyone wants to own.

So, enter myself, Miss Manager and the Newbie Manager in our department. We met with this Director and 4 members of his staff.

We arrived at the Director’s office before his staff did. My Idiot Boss went headstrong into her loony diatribe when the Director asked her to wait until the others joined us. She heard it, but she didn’t acknowledge it. She continued right on until the Director told her for a second time to wait. So right there we’re off to a nice start.

When everyone else got there and things picked right back up, I was mortified by her behavior. It wasn’t overtly brutal or nasty… but in her way of trying to drive the point home, she really hit them over the head – like she was speaking to a group of children. They knew what she was getting at – anyone would have known. But for some reason, she didn’t lay off and eventually the Director cut the meeting short and escorted us out.

(As a sidebar, I should note that this particular Director and the 4 members of his staff, are 5 of the 6 individuals that I ran into last summer while on an interview. See > Priceless < They were visiting clients. So as I’m sitting in this meeting now – and in pain as the novocaine wore off from the root canal – I was looking at them for some recognition like, “OH – so THAT’s why she’s looking to leave the company”. But I couldn’t discern any sympathy going on there. They looked like they were in the same agony that I felt everyday in Idiot Manager’s presence)

I never said a word during that meeting, and neither did the Newbie Manager. But after we left, Mr. Newbie commented how curt he thought the Director had become toward us. My head was spinning – was he NOT in that meeting and witness what had happened? My bat-$#%@-crazy manager was impolite (and that’s putting it politely). No wonder we were escorted out!

The subject came up with Mr. Newbie again the next day. As he and I were discussing it, he realized how strong she did in fact come across. My guess is that this new guy is just playing it super-safe while he’s still in Idiot Boss’ good graces.

He’s still in his honeymoon phase. He brings his laptop home in case something for work comes up.

That’s just crazy.

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