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A few days ago, I posted my blog story Once Upon a Root Canal
on jobschmob.com in their “Share Your Story” section http://www.jobschmob.com/showArticle.cgi?id=584

In regards to my story, I really thought that I portrayed well the negative attitude I received - from my point-of-view. Let me rephrase that. I really believed that it sounded negative from ANY point-of-view.

For those of you who know me, you’re aware of my work situation. You’re also aware of my work ethic and honesty. It is probably this reason that many of you expressed anger/surprise at what happened. However, the real outrage of that story was how I was treated when I returned to the office after being fitted for a crown at my dentist’s office.

Yesterday I went back to jobschmob.com to see how many views it received and if there were any comments added. There were. This is where I got burned.

The following comment was left yesterday:
solomon (01/08/2006) “why should people get paid when they aren't working? why should you be sympathetic when you expect someone to be back at work and they are nowhere to be found? What happened to an honest day's pay for an honest day's work?”

Excuse me?

When is it EVER ok for anyone to speak to you like that? (I’m referring now to my story). We’re adults, and we deserve to be treated as such. It’s really frightening to think that there are people in this world that have lost their human quality.

Where do you suppose it’s gone?

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