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A Hard Day’s Work?


A few months ago, I had a “discussion” with my bat-$#@%-crazy manager on the topic of “working smarter”. You may recall I recounted some of that story in my blog entry I’m Not a Micromanager .

There’s a little more to that story. As part of her loony diatribe on working lots of overtime = working smarter, my Idiot Boss mentioned another manager as a “positive” example. Miss Manager said that “Miss Treat” was seen working at all hours in the office. I almost fell off my chair.

Yeah, Miss Treat may have been seen at all hours in the office, but I’d hardly say that she was working that whole time. Or even a lot of it. Maybe none of it.

You see, I used to share an office with Miss Treat. And OHHHHH what a treat she used to be!

But I digress.

When Miss Manager said her name I was shocked. I said, “You mean she actually takes time out from doing her nails to get work done? I thought that was why she had minions, uh, I mean analysts.”

Miss Manager looked at me all confused. Uh, HEL-LO? I continued, “You and I used to have conversations about the perpetual manicure. I used to come into your office BECAUSE THE SMELL OF THE NAILPOLISH FUMES SMOKED ME OUT OF MINE!!!”

Now Miss Manager’s using Miss Mani/Pedi as a ROLE MODEL for work??? I’d like to say that she was kidding, but she wasn’t smiling. I know I shouldn’t be surprised when I talk to her – ever – but I just couldn’t help it. This was one of those times. I just couldn’t believe what she was telling me.

What I really wanted to comeback at her with was, “Well, if you’re idea of working hard is giving myself a manicure then hell… I’ll do that AND THEN give myself a pedicure!” I’ll show YOU how dedicated I am!!! (Of course, it won’t be pretty for anyone when I rub my heels with a pumice stone).

This is the kind of "advice" she gives me. Thank you so much. How did I ever get this far in my life without her?

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