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Other Signs that Indicate it's Time to Bail at Work

On Wednesday (1/24/07), I talked about the implications of not being able to get out of bed for work in the mornings. This is one of the more obvious signs that you're dreading going in to work. Whether it bores you to tears or stresses you to tears, you need to pay attention to the signs. If these start happening to you, it may be time to dust off the resume, give it a facelift and march on to a different job somewhere else.

Here are some other indicators that you may be (ok, probably ARE) unhappy at your job:
  • You can't escape your bat-$#@%-crazy manager; he/she/it pops into your dreams and continues to walk all over your self esteem by telling you "it's not good enough" or correcting your emails for grammar and punctuation.

  • You spend far more time than usual looking at job websites and daydreaming about jobs elsewhere.

  • You complain to your friends about your job... incessantly.

  • You have trouble sleeping on Sunday night because you're afraid of what you'll encounter on Monday morning.

  • You call in sick when you really feel fine.

Again, these are just a few of the signs pointing to problems with your job. If you have issues such as these cropping up then you owe it to yourself to get on with it and find something you want to do. Eventually your boss and/or coworkers are going to catch on and when this happens, you're life will be even more miserable.

Do something while you can.

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