b Self-Helpless: True Tales of a Working Girl: How Women Can Be Successful in Business (part II)



How Women Can Be Successful in Business (part II)

Continuing from yesterday's post: women are way more likely to sabotage themselves in the workplace. Per Debra Burrell CSW, here's another reason why:

"Women interpret withdrawal from communication as abandonment. They take a lack of communication personally.

A man’s tendency, under stress, is to isolate himself. His door is closed, literally and figuratively. A man will attempt to shut out all extraneous situations to better focus on the problem at hand. Interruptions are experienced with irritation and abruptness. A woman who doesn’t realize this, will let her imagination get the best of her, and jump to the conclusion that she is not “liked”, or that something is going on behind her back (i.e. taking it personally). She may tell herself that she is deliberately being excluded for something important, and then have an attitude that is inappropriate and problematic based on her perceptions."

Debra Burrell CSW, is a psychotherapist in private practice as well as the Regional Training Director of the Mars Venus Institute. She can be reached by calling 212-754-6232. You can also visit her website at http://www.debraburrell.com/.

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